Our Legacy


In October of 1958, Henry Demby, Sr. along with his only

son, Henry Demby, Jr. started the business Demby & Son

Funeral Home. Henry Demby, Sr. worked for a funeral

home in Plaquemine, LA for many years and when he felt

he knew the business well enough, he decided to start his

own. Together they developed a huge following of patrons

who felt the genuine warmth and compassion the Demby's

showed them in their season of mourning.In Aug of 1989,

Henry, Sr. died leaving his son to continue his

legacy.  Shortly after in April of 1990 Henry, Jr. passed as

well. The legacy of Demby and Son Funeral Home will live

on for many years to come, constantly building

relationships with the families in which they serve and

providing dignified service to the community.